Bowling Event

Bowling Event
Kate, "Billy Joel" and I at my work event!

Still Bowling!

Still Bowling!
Group Shot

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Great Weekend!!

So after last weekends cabin trip, I thought it would be a while before I had another fabulous weekend. However, without fail, this weekend proved to be another one to go down in history!
Friday was my works first ever Bowling Bash. This was a 3rd party event that benefited Wednesday's Child (the foster children of North Texas). To preface this, the guy that was putting this event on waited until Wednesday at 4:00 to start worrying about attendance and prizes for the event! So I started out really frustrated with this gentleman. For the sake of the story, let's name him Billy Joel! So Billy Joel calls me on Wednesday in a frenzy because no one has responded to the e-vite and his grade depends on this event and so forth and so on. Might I also mention that over the phone he sounded like a 13 year old boy and I was completely frustrated with his sense of timing.
Still trying to be the better person in the situation I try to empathize with him and I tell him that I may have a few personal connections for the raffle items and that not to worry about the e-vites because each of us in the office have friends coming and the event will be successful. Well, that eases Billy Joel's mind for a while, but I still received a few hysterical phone calls before the event. Well, much to my surprise when I meet Billy Joel in person, he's a complete knock-out!! He's super nice and he is ever so grateful towards me for easing his mind and reassuring that the event would be successful and also for getting the great raffle items (compliments of amazing friends in my life). And the event did go well!! Giving a shout-out to those of you who were able to make it, Thanks Again for supporting me and the foster kids I work for!
So after the event was over and all was said and done, Billy Joel and I exchanged phone numbers and we'll see where that goes! But don't get your hopes up too much, because he lives in Atlanta! Dang it! Moral of the story; don't judge a person by there phone skills!
So now enter in Saturday!! Started off a little rocky when no one showed up for a group project for class (and this is precisely why I despise group work in college) especially since I had to drive 22 miles to meet them. But, I tried not to get too angry and made the best of what turned out to be a great day. In preparation for the Early 90's Roller Skating event in the evening, a couple of us hit up the Resale store and found a few gems for the event. Let's just say we definitely won the contest of best dressed (had there been one that is). And let's all be grateful that era has since past... I was reluctant to skate at first since it has been quite some time since I last put on roller skates, but I didn't do so bad. I didn't even fall and only said one cuss word when someone came and pushed me from behind to go real fast! Good times to be had at the Skating Rink. (Moral of the story; you're never too old for the skating rink)
So after the skating excursion, we hit up Humperdinks and grab a late night snack! Might I add that Chad, our obnoxious waiter, was trying to flirt with us by being a complete jerk. He used to work at Dick's Restaurant so he thought it was cute to be rude to us as his way of flirting. Didn't quite work since he was fugly. But after we left the restaurant to call it an evening we were in for a real treat. As we pulled into my apt. complex, we used the round-about to enter in the gate-code. As we did this, a truck full of the hottest boys ever pull up to give us there code thinking we could not get in (or just to check us out). So, as we enter the gate-code; both gates open and we needed to go into the left side so they were gentlemen and let us proceed first. In the meantime, their gate to the right closed in front of them. So, naturally they follow us in to our side of the complex (knowing it does not make a circle around to there side) and park behind us. In case you had forgotten the earlier events of the evening, we are still decked out in our early 90's get-up!! ~Have no fear, my goal this week is to post pictures~ So now, the 3 finest boys in the world are parked behind us waiting for us to get out of our car. To our surprise, they found it humorous and actually stuck around a while to chat! After a quick detour to the other side of the complex we found out where they lived and stopped by Sunday night for a quick little visit!! They are going to be fun new friends for the summer and maybe we can bring them out to church!
Sunday's are always amazing!! I taught my very first Sunday School lesson and to my surprise it went well. There was lots of commenting and it ended right on time... So after Church and a little nap we had our weekly Sunday dinners. This time it was Mexican food at Liz's! It was great and the company was even better. Needless to say I really hit it off with one kid there and he's potential for a new crush for sure! Again, he's from out of state, so no need to get excited. But the moral of the entire weekend is that I went from zero prospects to 2, possibly 3 interests in boys! All in all, a great weekend to say the least. I freaking love my life and the friends I have right now to share these good times with! Until next time....


Andrea said...

thank you for naming him Billy Joel, and i'm real sad i missed out on the weekend events..

Dawn & Spence said...

Ohhhhh my gosh...Toni has a blog!? I love it!!! I miss you so much girl!! :-)